Qurbani Charity Bakra 25 kg

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Important Charity Qurbani Information:

  • As soon as Eid prayers have been offered, our expert team oversees the beginning of the Qurbani programme and sacrifice of animals.
  • Qurbani meat is packed into bags and then delivered to location in which our field officers distribute meat to their local community.
  • The second and third day of Eid-ul-Adha is in which we mainly distribute Qurbani meat to the beneficiary.
  • Cost of Qurbani includes the animal purchase, transportation, animal feed, butcher services, packaging, distribution and other operational costs. Since costs vary from location to location, remaining funds (if any), are utilized for Sahulat Qurbani’s operational costs.
  • Sahulat Qurbani will perform Qurbani on behalf of donors after all Eid prayers have been completed in the Pakistan.
  • If you would like to give names of people to be announced at the time of Qurbani sacrifice, please provide the names.
  • The best way to offer Qurbani is to perform it yourself. For those not able to fulfill this obligation, Sahulat Qurbani assists by performing Qurbani on their behalf.
  • Due to the time sensitivity, it is best to do your donations online on our secure website, or by phone so they will be processed instantly.
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This year the coronavirus has made it extremely difficult for some families to put food on the table, but your Qurbani donations could change that for them. Help give poor families a joyous Eid and a delicious meal with your generous donations!

How to Donate?

  1. Call our donations team on
  2. Phone: +92333-592-1189
    Phone: +92333-825-8072
    Phone: +92312-503-3710
  3. Donate online on
  4. Transfer the money into the Crowns Field account; Summit Bank | Account No. 1-99-26-26001-714-143194 | Ref: Charity qurbani
  5. Send us a cheque: payable to Crowns Field

Sahulat qurbani is A Project of in partnership with ECSR (economic social and cultural Rights Asia)

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Weight 24-26 kg


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Why Sahulat-Qurbani?

Sahulat Qurbani Take your rights of Qurbani very seriously. That's why we always source and sacrifice the healthiest animals. You can visit our farm any time and choose your animal. we have a farm that follows all the SOPS of COVID-19 to secure the Qurbani Process. We Also have large Freezing storage facilities. To book Your Qurbani animal Call US Now!
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